You Can’t Lose

I haven’t reminded people in a while that there’s some exciting news to share on Sunday night at our Communion Service – you do NOT want to miss it.  Things have fallen into place nicely.  With it, we’re making some strategic changes in how we do things.  It’s exciting stuff, but it’s still change and change can be scary.

I’m reading through the Pentateuch again (I just like saying that word – Pentateuch!) and this morning it I was finishing reading about all the plagues and Moses leading the people out of Egypt.  When the Israelites leave and Pharaoh’s army is chasing after them and it seems like they’re trapped with nowhere to go, they are scared, worried and wondering what’s going to happen now that everything has changed?  It seemed like things were looking up (they’re not going to be slaves anymore) and then all of a sudden the walls seem to start closing in.

What did Moses tell them?  “The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.” (Exodus 14:14)  That’s a great statement – a great promise, but one I tend to actually resist.  I mean, hold on, things aren’t maybe looking so good and if I don’t do something, it’s not going to get any better right?  Things have changed so I need to respond.  But God says STOP and be STILL.  Let me just tell you, that’s hard to do.  The good news about it though is that when you do it His way, you can’t lose.

I’m convinced that what we’re sharing on Sunday is His way – it’s a God thing, and we can’t lose.  See you Sunday. 

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