Wrong is Wrong…Right?

A 17 year old decides he wants to show everyone how smart he is and make his Momma proud, so he makes a bad decision, breaks the law, jumps the fence  and proceeds to run around a baseball field between innings.  A police officer gives chase (because not only is the dumb kid trespassing, he’s now resisting arrest) and after chasing the kid for a while he (appropriately in my opinion) pulls out his taser and shoots the kid – effectively ending the chase.  A few seconds later, the kid is walking off in handcuffs.  Back to the game.

So what’s the big deal?  Apparently, there’s a question of whether or not the use of a taser was warranted or necessary.  Police policy seems to indicate yes – the suspect was fleeing.  The general public seems to think yes – the suspect is acting like an idiot.  And Paul, the author of Romans, seems to think yes – read it for yourself. 😀

At least the kids mother, Amy Ziegler, got it right and said, “It was dumb. Absolutely dumb.”  She didn’t say whether or not she thought he should have been tasered, BUT, unlike many parents today, she didn’t try to defend, justify or otherwise explain his actions as anything but “dumb.”  Agreed.

I’d love to hear from somebody who thinks he didn’t deserve it.  In the mean time, I’ll continue to laugh at the video and leave the debate to others.


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