Words That Will Break A Father’s Heart

I’m tucking my oldest daughter Sarah into bed last night and after I pray with her I lean over to give her a hug. She gives me an extra squeeze and in the process gets me off balance so I end up leaning on her pretty good – sort of like squishing her. I give her a kiss and tell her I love her and she says, “Daddy, you’re fat” Not what I was expecting out of that tender moment.

I tell her I’m sorry for “squishing” her and she proceeds to look at me with this cute little grin and say, “Daddy, your REALLY fat”. I didn’t know I squished her that much.

I try to take the high road and explain to my impressionable young daughter that it’s not nice to call people “fat” and that I’m not really fat, I’m just bigger than her. She takes it in, thinks about it, smiles her princess smile at me and says, “No Daddy, you’re fat.”

If she wouldn’t have been smiling, I might have had to sit on her for real and taunted her by saying, “who’s fat?” But I kissed her again, laughed, picked up by broken heart and left.


  1. Claude Cannon September 27, 2007
  2. Jim and Shanna September 27, 2007
  3. ASEAN September 27, 2007

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