Windows and Doors

Been waiting for something we ordered to get here. Even paid extra to have it shipped quicker and guarantee delivery by the weekend. Ever thought how that is a little bit like how we sometimes pray?

Think about it. Jesus tells us that we can ask for anything and we’ll get it (if of course we obey him). So we go to him in prayer and “place an order.” Sometimes we spend a little extra time hoping to have our answer arrive earlier than it would with “regular delivery.” And then what do we do? We just sit there and stare out the window waiting for the delivery truck to show up.

But Jesus also told us that sometimes we need to be a little more proactive and persistent, like load up and drive the truck ourselves. In other words, don’t just phone in your order….keep calling and make sure it gets delivered to you on time. You know, pray without ceasing kinda stuff – not look out the window and wait for your answer to be “delivered.”

What’s the take away? Right now I’m just praying UPS arrives today. No, seriously, I’m working on not staring out the window so much and instead, continually knocking on the door. Already seeing some answers.

And I’m praying for the guys from Integrity who are going to be teaching us about prayer for the next three weeks. You won’t want to miss it. Starts this Sunday.

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