Why We Do It This Way.

It’s funny when people find out that our church meets at a Boys & Girls Club, they almost always ask or at least wonder silently, “When are you going to get a building?”  I laugh because I know they don’t really understand.

Would a building be a good thing?  Maybe, but I don’t know and I think it depends.  What I do know is that by sharing space, we cut our expenses so we can spend more on people.  I don’t think setting up and tearing down each week is a burden – I think it’s a blessing.  Why?  We get to spend time serving others together.  When we set up the screens, stage, lights and lyrics, it’s not for us as much as it’s for people who we expect to come and be our guests.  We want to honor them by being prepared for them and so we serve them each week when we get ready for them.  But it doesn’t stop there.

We have what I think is a very good relationship with the Boys and Girls Club and we offer them our help, services and even partner in purchasing stuff all the time.  Why?  Because that’s why we’re there – not for us but for others.  Just today, I met with the Executive Director and his staff to coordinate a fundraising lunch where we’ll transform the same old gym into a banquet hall using “our stuff.”  We’ll set it up, run sound, run video for them.  Why?  To help them succeed and bring in some more pledge donors.  And when I got home, I had a box of assorted Girl Scout Cookies and an envelope with a donation to Discovery from the coordinator for the Girl Scouts.  Why?  because we helped them put on a successful Father/Daughter dance using some of “our stuff” at the Boys and Girls Club.

We borrow “our stuff” out all the time – for weddings, plays, banquets, events, luncheons, dinners, expos, etc.  Why?  Because we can, and we want to be a blessing to others in our community whenever possible.  We set up and tear down all the time.  It’s part of who we are.  We serve others because we feel like we’ve been blessed so we can be a blessing.  Our impact isn’t limited to our location, and that’s why we do it this way. 


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