Why is Truth Toxic?

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Here’s a question: is it wrong to speak the truth if it will hurt somebody’s feelings or make them upset?

The fact that it’s a legitimate question is sad in and of itself.  We live in a world where colleges (yes, colleges!) issue “trigger warnings” and regularly set up “safe spaces” where the immature can run and hide from the real world.  Just google it if you don’t believe me – I refuse to even provide links to that kind of lunacy.

So much has happened in the past few months, and I’ve wanted to comment and waited because I wanted to share a more hopeful outlook and provide some level of a measured and Christ-like response.  I didn’t chime in on North Carolina’s HB2 (transgendered bathroom) law and the public and political outcry.  I didn’t respond to the growing wave of Donald Trump (other than way back HERE in February) or the craziness of this year’s primary season.  And then this week, there’s a terrorist attack at a gay night club in Orlando that killed nearly 50 people and a 2 year old who was snatched by an alligator at Walt Disney World in front of his horrified parents.

Unfortunately, truth is something that too many people have moved from “not liking” to flat out “not accepting.”   For instance – how someone looks or feels is not the key determiner of their sex, biology is.  But some people get all bent out of shape if someone even mentions a “crazy,” factual statement like that.  Is there more to the whole transgendered argument?  Of course.  But that still shouldn’t change the truth – actually it CAN’T change the truth.

Another ridiculous rejection of truth is people who are blaming President Obama, the NRA, homophobia or gunlovers or all of us for what happened in Orlando.  President Obama didn’t walk into a night club and shoot people.  Neither did the NRA (or an NRA member for that matter).  Does anybody know who’s responsible for it?  The guy who pulled the trigger – Omar Mateen!

Is there more to the story? Were there any other contributing factors?  Of course.  And guess what?  We don’t need to guess about them.  This evil terrorist actually said what some of his motivating factors were.  He pledged support to the leader of ISIS on some of his many Facebook pages. He called 911 and pledged support to ISIS – DURING THE SHOOTING!  That doesn’t tell us everything but come on people – it certainly tells us something!

TRUTH: The killer is 100% responsible and guilty for his actions and by his own admission was strongly influenced and motivated by allegiance to ISIS…a dangerous Islamic terror organization.

But shhhhhhhh!!!  Don’t say Islamic.  Don’t mention Muslim’s or jihad or sharia law or anything like that because we don’t want the good Muslim’s to have to run to their safe spaces or feel like their religion is being attacked.  Wouldn’t it seem logical that any good Muslim would understand the truth of what happened and agree instead of be offended?  I think the answer is yes, and to suggest otherwise is to give very little credit to Islam as a whole and Muslims in particular.  When a so-called “pastor” makes stupid statements about what happened in Orlando like “I think Orlando, Florida, is a little safer tonight. The tragedy is that more of them didn’t die.” as a Christian, I have no problem with anyone saying that is outrageous, wrong, hurtful, evil and it should not be tolerated.  Why?  Because I agree.  Most Christians would.  And any Christian that would suggest that kind of thinking and preaching is OK would equally be part of the problem and SHOULD be made to feel bad instead of safe.

So let’s stop with this foolishness that makes truth take a back seat to comfort and in some cases, not even allow it to ride in the same vehicle.  It’s not hate, it’s reality.  It’s honesty.  And it’s more necessary now than ever.

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