Why I Like Discovery

Yesterday at church we saw a number of firsts.

  • We saw the worship leader for a new church that’s coming to town speaking to Discovery Church on prayer (we’ll see it again for two more weeks).

  • We saw about 25 people join me in the “upper room” for 30 minutes of prayer for our city before the service (if we can keep those kinds of numbers that will be huge)

  • We saw the unveiling of our Aviom system which allows us to get rid of the stage monitors, clean up the sound, and let the band decide what they want to hear themselves.

  • We saw our worship leader Davey say, “I have an announcement. I asked Janelle to marry me…and….SHE SAID YES!” (congratulations Davey)

  • And we saw the Boys and Girls Club at 7AM since we had to finish set up on Sunday for the first time since we’ve moved back in April. Thanks to all those great Discovery people who came out to help AND stayed afterwards.

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