Why I Don’t Like Going To The Doctor

Ok, yesterday I had to go to the doctor. I’m about to join the exclusive all-male “V” club and needed to go in for a consultation before they could schedule me an appointment. So I go, I meet with the doctor, listen to the speil and wait for the nurse to witness my signing of some formal/legal document so I can make my appointment. Then, the nurse informs me that since I haven’t had a physical in the last year they can’t schedule an appointment for me.

You mean to tell me that since I haven’t been to the doctor, haven’t been sick or hospitalized, and don’t even have a primary physician because I haven’t needed one since we moved here 16 months ago, I can’t get an appointment? On top of that, I need to make an appointment to be accepted as a new patient so I can make an appointment for a physical so I can then make my original appointment. Sounds crazy. Oh, and did I mention that the earliest I could get in to a primary care doctor would be April or May? Yeah, that ain’t happening. I found a walk-in place that can take care of doing the required physical without even having an appointment. If I say “appointment” one more time, somebody shoot me.


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