Why Didn’t I Know

Lately, I’ve been realizing it seems that I talk with too many people. Not that I don’t like to talk with them, but the more I talk to the more I think I’ve told everyone what’s going on. Unfortunately that’s not the case. I’m learning (yeah, I’m a little slow) that when it comes to vision, direction, momentum and getting information into the hands of people YOU CAN NEVER OVER COMMUNICATE!

Guess what? I actually have heard that before….what’s worse, I’ve probably actually even repeated that very same thing before. The issue is it’s hard to put into practice. When you tell a story or share a vision a million times (especially if it’s to a million different people) you feel like you have said it enough. But each of those people only heard it once. That means that they need to hear it 5-10 more times EACH before they actually even know what I’m talking about. Don’t believe me? Just wait until Sept-Nov and though right now you might not know now what the political candidates think is important, by then you’ll be so sick of hearing them, you’d be able to fill-in on the campaign trail for them. Why? Repetition.

Do you want to know why you might not know what’s going on? Because we haven’t told you enough – I haven’t told you enough. I’m working on changing that. I guess that means, get ready to be sick of me.


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