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If it seems like I haven’t posted much, it’s because I haven’t.  We left Wednesday with 9 of us to drive to Atlanta for the Catalyst Conference and it was, I must say, GREAT.  There will always be a few things that I don’t like, but overall – I’ve been challenged.  We left Friday when it was done, stopped for gas and a quick meal and pulled into Greenville about 3AM which left enough time for a few hours of sleep before having to get up and drive to an away football game by 8AM.  Spent the whole day there, got back and had to finish up a couple things that didn’t get done for Sunday before we left, then set up, home, sleep, church, tear down, small group, basketball, and Monday rolls in.  

Anyhow, I’m closer to caught up now so here’s what I’m going to do.  Rather than summarize Catalyst in one long post, I’m gonna post a couple reflections each day the rest of this week.  It’ll help me process and you get to ride along.

Speaking of riding, when we got there the first day it was raining and you have to park a good ways out.  We saw a limo backing up and when the doors opened they invited us in so...we got dropped off in a limo after being there a whole 2 minutes.  That impressed not just the first timers with us, but it made me smile too.  Now there’s a good first impression!

You can see that Brad REALLY liked the limo ride!
Reminds me of how he looked somewhere else…..
….at the Sarah Palin Rally (he’s in the top left corner)
cheesy grin in one and yelling with Palin in the other

And I was REALLY excited to get
to spend a couple days with THIS!

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