Been a crazy few days. Left for Catalyst on Wednesday and sat in traffic on a closed interstate for about 3 hours. Not the best way to start. Didn’t matter too much though since the conference was really good.

We hooked up with a couple other guys from Wilson Community Church and spent some time with them. I won an 8GB iPod Nano from convoyofhope.org,

we scored a free lunch one day, and when we got back on Saturday, I got invited out to the ECU football game and dinner with my wife as part of Pastor Appreciation (had to miss set up but they did great).

Got home in time to sleep a few hours before going to church to finish setup, run a service and speak and then grab lunch and a short nap before our small group tonight. Tomorrow Lora’s back to hospital orientation (for 12 hours!) Tanner has his last baseball game (hurray), and I’ll be ready to pass out (and post a bit more). Until then…..


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