Where Have All The Parents Gone?

I’m seeing a disturbing trend in the news (at least what’s being reported) and it seems that parents are losing their minds, their kids and their lives because they lost one or both.  Before you read any further, don’t think I’m saying that as long as your a good parent, you won’t have problems…I’m not that naive.  I am saying that I think people are too disconnected or superficial in their relationships whether with friends or family and if we don’t learn how to love and care for others, things will only continue and probably get worse.

Just look at some of the headlines from the past few months or so…
and in case you think I’m saying that home-schooling Christian pastor families are immune from problems, this one’s for you

Is there a trend?  Seems like it.  Kids aren’t learning how to cope with life or not getting their way.  Many parents never learned it so they can’t cope either and end up losing it themselves.  It all seems to come down to hopelessness.  Maybe if believers in Christ lived like they actually had hope (and joy, contentment and love) we’d be able to see that others need it and we’d offer it to them.  I find great hope in knowing that there’s a God who wants me, loves me, wants me to be with him, and made that possible.  I find hope in Jesus.  I see people who need hope, who need someone to care, to notice, just to smile.  Who have you noticed that could use that hope?

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