When It’s Quiet

It’s after midnight, the kids have all been sleeping for hours and I can’t sleep.  My wife is at a conference and won’t return until tomorrow evening and I’ve been sitting here – wondering what to do.  I’ve read a few chapters in my Bible – even logged on to YouVersion and posted a few comments.  I’ve read some blogs, thought about ministry, thought about Discovery, my family, the golf trip this weekend and my kids.  I’ve taken a good hard look at where I’m improving, where I’m lacking, where I’m failing.  I’ve talked to God and I’ve listened – I hear the ceiling fans, I hear silence, I hear God whisper to me – “I love you.”  That’s what I needed to hear.  I love you too God.

Sometimes it’s hard to sit in silence.  It’s not hard to ask God questions and beg for guidance, wisdom or direction, but it can be hard to wait for an answer.  It certainly is easier when it’s quiet though.  I can’t have music playing, the TV on or even sounds of people and activity.  I need silence.  I think that’s why I like nighttime better – there isn’t the impending threat of silence being interrupted like there is in the morning.  Don’t get me wrong, there is silence in the morning, but it’s more limited.

Makes me wonder though….do other people need silence, feel uncomfortable with silence or avoid silence and look for “noise” to fill the space?  If you wouldn’t mind sharing your thoughts I’d be interested in hearing them.


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