What Matters Most

Given my earlier state of mind, it helped for me to think about the things that matter most and the things that I’m thankful and grateful for. Here’s some of what I came up with.

Five healthy kids that I couldn’t love anymore
One wife that’s got my back and is supportive and understanding in all ways
Over one hundred people that I actually count as friends, not just acquaintences
Parents and in-laws who are still married to one another (what an example)
Grandparents that I can still talk with and visit
Staff to share the load of church planting with
Men and women who ARE the church and aren’t content to just be AT church
“I’ll do it” people who don’t need to be asked
At least a dozen people who will be baptized on Sunday
The Winterville Volunteer Fire Department (for filling up our baptism container for free)
My house (I love driving into my driveway and see me living here til I die)
The brand new dining room set that was given to us “as confimation we’re in the right place”
Being portable and not having to worry about maintaining a building
That I don’t have a dog or a cat
Never been physically assaulted because of my faith
Never physically assaulted anyone because of their’s
My red truck (makes me feel like a man driving that thing)
Cell phones, email, PDAs, blogs and other technology
Jesus loves me even when I’ve messed up or am in a bad mood

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