What Makes A Difference

Getting ready for the next message in our series In The ZONE and I’m excited about some of things we’ve got planned. Can’t really say too much without giving it away, but will say that over the next couple of weeks I’m really going to be “investing” in people. Part of me worries about how it will all work and the other part is just excited to try…all part of being a new church and trying to communicate biblical truths in relevant ways.

On a totally different note, I am still really excited about what happened yesterday morning. Since we did our Just Lust series back in October, a group of guys have been meeting Thursday mornings going through the book Every Man’s Battle and it’s been a good experience. We were talking about how it might be good for our wives to have something similar. Well – after a little coaxing, Lora agreed to lead a study called, appropriately enough, Every Woman’s Battle. They started yesterday and were meeting at 6AM like the guys, but that’s not the cool part. The best part is that before the weekend, only two ladies had expressed interest, after all, 6AM is really early and who wants to talk about personal sexual and emotional issues anyway? Well, Lora challenged everyone on Sunday, and ended up with 12 signed up. But when she got to where they were meeting they had 18! That’s huge for where we’re at as a church and for a bunch of women meeting at six o’clock in the morning (many who had to go from the study to work). There were 2 from the list that weren’t there and another three that didn’t make it the first week. So all told, they might have 23 women meeting together at 6AM Wednesday mornings! Wow.

Talking about money – management vs ownership, tithing, materialism, debt, etc and purity issues makes me wonder what motivates people to take action in those areas. Why are nearly 2 dozen mostly married women willing to meet at 6AM and what will motivate people to start following biblical principles for money management? I think the answer is hope. Hope that they might find, receive or experience something that’s not part of their life right now. Ultimately I think that’s what motivates people to follow Jesus too. Hope. Hope that following him will make a difference. And let me just tell you….it will.

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