What I’m Learning (part 3)

When I was changing my kids diapers and they used to pee or poop on me, I generally reacted the same way. Now before I tell you how I reacted, how would you react if you got peed on? How about if you’re just sliding the clean diaper under their cute little bottom and the kid unloads some poo with enough force to shoot it 4 feet past whatever part of you they didn’t hit? What do you do? Me? I’d smile. I’d laugh. And if possible, I just might take a picture (don’t believe me….HERE)

Why? Because like I’ve been talking about in church….my response is my responsibility. So as I’ve learned that all those people who told me I should do anything else but plant and pastor a church were right, I’ve also learned that circumstances shouldn’t determine my attitude. I can smile and laugh while being covered in baby poo.

And I’m learning that it’s a choice. I can smile and laugh and love God and other people when I’m feeling like a failure. Because I’m not. I may have failed a person, but I’m pretty sure you can’t “fail” God. Sure, I can mess up and not reach my potential, but God still loves me because that’s how I was when he first chose to love me…messed up and way short of my potential (and maybe even covered in poo – he did love me way back when I was just a baby too).

I guess I’m starting to realize that bad circumstances are really relative, it just depends on who you compare your circumstances to. But the only miserable and hopeless circumstance is also one I will never face – not knowing Christ and being known by Him. I’ll never have to face that. But there are people who are facing that right now. No wonder they’re miserable and discontent. And that’s the reason I’m planting and pastoring Discovery Church….because there are still people, way too many people, right here in this area, that are in terrible circumstances, the worst part being, they don’t know Jesus.

That’s what I’m learning. What are you learning? What’s God been teaching and showing you?

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