What I’m Learning (part 2)

They were right. I’m learning that they were right. They told me that it was going to be like this, that if I had any other option, I should choose that. They told me if it didn’t start rough, it would get rough. They told me I’d want to give up some days. They told me.

Who are “they”? “They” are the people who told me that planting and pastoring a church isn’t something people volunteer for. I heard another guy say, “if you volunteered, if you signed up for this…..you’re just stupid.” You need to be called. And I was and am called to this place to plant and pastor Discovery Church.

But I’m learning that they were right. The average person has no idea the weight and burden that the pastor carries. I have pretty thick skin, am open to criticism, and can get along with pretty much anyone. Still, when people feel let down, left out, ignored or offended, it still hurts – I feel responsible. When something doesn’t turn out right, I feel responsible. When people aren’t being transformed by God’s word – their marriages are failing, their habits aren’t changing, their love for others isn’t growing – I feel responsible. Not just like I let them down, but like I’m letting God down.

And so I’m learning that they were right. But I’m also learning one other thing (and I’ll tell you about that tomorrow)

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