What I Think

Since this is my blog, I get to tell you what I think.  You may not care – and that’s fine, but here are a mass of tangentially related thoughts floating around in my head.

  • I think I’m both sad and excited at the same time to be done with 6 Things I Hate About Christians.  Sad because of the amazing response people had but excited because I get to work on a new series in Colossians – Open Door Policy
  • I think yesterday was an amazing church day.  Personally connected with the worship, felt good about the message, and I always love when we have a Communion Meal at Discovery
  • I do think the new budget submitted by the President is too much spending and not enough cutting of expenses.  Oh, and taking more from people who have more – bad idea.
  • I think somebody needs to find us some FREE office space.  It’s hard working from home, coffee shops, fast food joints and restaurants.
  • I think Facebook is a great way to connect with people
  • I think Twitter is great because I like knowing what’s going on in people’s lives (and I can use it to update my Facebook status, which apparently people enjoy reading) but it can be a major distraction if I’m not careful
  • I think we as a church need to pray more and plan less
  • I think it’s absolutely one of the grossest things to catch my dog eating it’s own crap and then remembering that I let her lick me.
  • I think having 5 kids isn’t enough (at least at this moment – ask me again when they do something stupid or break another laptop)
  • I think seeing people who are already Christian being changed by Christ is just as much of a success as seeing people who aren’t Christians getting “saved” and being changed into sons and daughters of God Himself
  • I think I still don’t understand the power, grace and love of God
  • I think between my wife and I, I most definitely got the better deal.
  • I think that as a church, Discovery should and will be able to directly touch 10,000 people in Greenville this year through community involvement, service and acts of kindness.  We’re already over 1,000 touches.
  • I think email should only work 6 days a week.  Period.  It just shouldn’t work on Sunday (or some other day, just pick one – I don’t care)
  • I think my BlackBerry phone is fine, but when it is supposed to work with Mac, it’s not.  And I’m now using MissingSync which has only made things NOTICEABLY worse since I upgraded to version 2.0.  So either the Blackberry sucks or the MissingSync sucks.
  • I think an iPhone would solve that problem – but I’m waiting until they come out with a new iPhone
  • I think technology is a blessing and a curse – depends on the day and my mood
  • I think this week is going to be interesting and this weekend is going to be great!
  • I think there are too many whiners and not enough people doing something to change their own circumstances – just whining about what others should do or why they’re in the situation they’re in.  Come on people, take responsibility and take care of your problems.
  • I think I’m done – for now. 
So, what do you think?


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