What I Might Have Missed

Occasionally Lora and I wonder if we’re doing the right thing by homeschooling. We really chose this because we love being around our kids (and because Lora did a lot of reading, research and we prayed about whether or not it was for us). There are good days and bad days and when I got home today, I found it it was a good day. I’m wondering if my kids would think like this or even be allowed or encouraged to write stuff like this if they went to school. I don’t think so.

They were working on writing more “formal” letters so Tyler wrote one to his mom (Mums) and this is what he wrote (you can click on the letters if you need them bigger to read them) He’s a real schmoozer. He actually wrote a few notes for Lora and hid them in the kitchen the other day….first one said, “Good morning beautiful!” I’m teaching him well.

Tanner decided to write one to his little sister Hannah. He’s a real creative, comedian type (not a good speller at all) but his first attempt was a little ‘over-the-top’ so Lora had him do it again. I’ve included both for reading pleasure.

this was his first try…

this was his second try

And just think….I might have missed this if we didn’t homeschool. I love my kids, their creativity, expressions, ideas, and the freedom they feel to be who God created them to be. We must be doing something right (but definitely not everything)


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