What A Way To Wake Up

So I got up this morning and spent some time praying and reading my Bible but before I finished, my daughter got up. She’s a lap person and so I was finishing up reading my Bible with her in my lap when she starts to gag, then coughs. No big deal right? Wrong. A second later she’s barfing on her blanket and my Bible. Now that’s what I call a quality quiet time.

Actually, I don’t love her any less because she made a mess. In fact, I feel bad for her and want to help. Isn’t that how God is with us? Not only do we disappoint him, but sometimes we make a monster mess all over his people, his church or his world. Still, I was reminded this morning that he doesn’t want to punish his kids, he wants to help and comfort them. Actually made me feel good to get barfed on because I had the opportunity to model Jesus to my daughter and for once, I got it right.

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