What A Day

It’s been a long, day but man, what a day. To start with, we canceled church services this morning in order to go out and serve people in the community. It was the end to the message series we just did based on the book Outflow (which I’ll highly recommend). Wasn’t sure what to expect for turnout, but it was great. I’m guessing we had about 110 people who came to serve and that’s not counting the 25 people who came from another church in Moorehead City to check us out today! They’re going to be planting a church next year (wish they would have called first). They ended up going to another local church this morning and will come back to see how we do it here at this location some other time.

We did three simple projects. We did a $1 car wash at a couple locations where we washed cars and then gave the customers a $1. We picked up trash along the roadside at three different locations, and then we went to an area of government housing and gave away about 80 sets of boxed food and toiletries.

Afterwards, everyone came back and Mark from Cubbies in Winterville was out grilling Cubbieburgers and hotdogs for everyone. So we ate lunch, shared stories of people’s reactions to our service, and had a great time. I’m thinking we’ll definitely be canceling church again sometime.

Then tonight, the students came back and brought chicken, corn, beans, bread, tea, dessert to a couple of our local fire stations. That was after they had served with us washing cars and picking up trash this morning. These students ROCK!

It’s now almost midnight and I’m ready for bed. What a great day. I love this church and these people. I gotta ask… So what’d you learn about in church today?

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