We’re Rich

Looking through the mail tonight and noticed Lora just got lucky. It seems that Capital One wants to offer her at least $5000 in credit. Not bad, but not unlike the dozen other offers that have come through this year so far. So when I opened some junk mail from Chase I was caught off-guard. Why? Because the available funds being advertised and offered to Lora were……are you ready….. $224,000 of credit! We’re rich.

Why do all these credit card companies send out the huge volume of junk mail that clogs up our mailbox (or shredder in our case)? Because there are people out there who are going to take the “deal.” How sad. Now if some company wants to just drop $224,000 in my account with no expectation or requirement to return even a portion of it, I’m up for that. Until then, I’m rich in plenty of other ways – family, health, friends, employment, ideas, etc.

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