Welcome Home

We had a great vacation these last couple weeks and just got back. Figured I’d share what the loved ones we left behind did to welcome us home. They redecorated our house in Post-it Notes. Lots and lots of Post-it Notes all over.
And just FYI – I’m trying to figure out how to stop the autoplay on the videos from OnePrayer – it can get a little annoying now that there’s 4 on this page.

Lucky for them, they’re right – He does

I thought this was pretty creative (slightly scary, but creative nonetheless)

The Discovery Church logo recreated on my bedroom wall

The beauty of my newly redone living room

Now trying to get back into the swing of things it’s what’s killing me. I’m loving the iPhone, but still getting used to it and don’t have my email set up on it because it’s supposed to be changing but I can’t get it to set up on my Mac first so don’t want to mess up the iPhone. Once it’s all going I’ll be more productive than ever.

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