Weekend Update

I’m about to head out for my GTO (God Time Only) but figured I’d post and share a brief weekend update.

Saturday had us split up – my parents headed back to MN/WI, Tyler and I went to a paintballing birthday party, and Lora and the rest headed out for our Mother’s Day Second Saturday Service and helped deliver flowers to all the residents of about 5 nursing homes.  One lady called me this morning just to say thanks!  Tyler and I had a blast and the older folks loved Sarah and Hannah.
Sunday was frankly a little strange for me.  There were some good things….the band sounded awesome and had soundcheck wrapped up by 9:30.  We started a new series and I liked the look.  The new lights came in and got set up. But…

Attendance was way lower than I expected, the lights cause hum interference in the sound and are super, duper bright, most of my kids didn’t treat mom like it was a very special day and save for one, didn’t help to tear down anything.  The Mother’s Day video never made it out of production and we forgot that we saved some flowers to give out so nobody got them.  And tear down was short a few folks.  Claude’s mom came in for Mother’s Day so he dipped, Randy and Laci had to drive to Tennessee for a family emergency so they dipped, and with fewer people, it just took longer.  Oh, and it was raining.  So when we got home, we fed the girls, put them to rest and I told the boys to fend for themselves, if they weren’t going to honor their mother, I was.  So we left and I took her out for dinner myself.  Now I know why I miss and need date night back so bad.

Yep, everything was better when I got to spend some quality time with just my wife.  We even had our Outlet last night and after the video, we played Apples to Apples for at least an hour.  That’s always fun with more people and with 12 it was a blast.


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