Weekend Recap

Great weekend, here’s a few thoughts about everything:

  • Loved spending Family Friday with my family at the beach in Wilmington.
  • Beach hotels are way too expensive
  • Seven people in one hotel room means I have to go to bed early (and no extra-curricular activity)
  • Davey and Janelle’s wedding was one of the coolest I’ve been to
  • Loved that they both sang during the ceremony (and no softy love song – they rocked out with a whole band of brothers – literally)
  • Every groomsman wore flip flops with their tuxedo. Glad I wore mine
  • It was pouring out during the wedding – good thing it was inside
  • All the rain made me even happier that I took the family to the beach on Friday since we got rained out on Saturday
  • Poor Randy (our worship leader) was in the wedding, but sick the whole time he was there and didn’t even sing at church today
  • Had some new people come out to help set up on Saturday
  • With Randy sick, we had to scramble to rearrange some stuff. Marcus and I divided the songs and made it work. Was a little stressful though
  • I haven’t lead that much worship since I left Florida. Once the nerves wore I off, I loved it. Hope everyone else did
  • Looked like a pretty full house today so that was great to see – had to pull out extra chairs
  • Had a good number of visitors
  • Craig’s message was pretty good, but brought up a few questions too. I love that our people ask questions and challenge what’s being said.
  • Went to Moe’s for lunch – “Welcome to Moe’s!!”
  • Had about an hour or so between lunch and having to head over to an ordination council for Brent Adkins. He used to be on staff at Discovery
  • Ordination council was actually pretty fun – for me (don’t know how Brent felt)
  • Got to preach at Grace Church tonight for Brent’s ordination – again, I liked it.
  • We had a real good showing of support for Brent. Must have had 25 people or so come out.
  • Cold Stone smoothies rock
  • Looking forward to the last week of One Prayer and the start of our next series (missing Brad though)
  • I hate sweating when I’m at church – it just doesn’t seem right. Why is that?
  • That said, I need a shower and sleep. It’s been a long weekend. Out


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