Wedding Day

Lora and the kids left for football this morning and I’ve got a few moments before I need to head the other direction for a wedding. I really hate that I have to miss my kids games, but this was supposed to be an open weekend and when games got called off a few weeks back because of a “Nor’easter” this became the make up date. You go boys!

I do like weddings though. And I do like doing them. I get a front row spot to witness two people coming together to make a life-long commitment to one another and God as well. I get to see the hope in their eyes, the love, the dreams. And because I only marry couples that I get to counsel with, I pray I’ll never have to see what so many people deal with – hopelessness, lost love and broken dreams. But if I do, I’ll be sure to fight for them, call them out, and point them back to the day when they gave their word to each other and the Lord. Marriage takes work on our part to be blessed by God. So here’s a shout out to my lovely bride – I love you Lora, still, and more each day.

Here’s some football pics from earlier games.

Tanner (59) and Tyler (15) ready
to ‘crack some heads’ on defense

Tyler (15) getting a SACK!

Tyler’s team after a win

Champ (17) working to shed a block

Champ (17) before the game

Tyler (15) on a little quarterback keeper

Tanner (59) in hot pursuit

Team prayer before the game
(in a community league too – thanks coaches)

Champ (17) working his way down the line


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