Watermelon Festival

The Winterville Watermelon Festival is coming up t his weekend. For the past three years, Discovery has been there and set up a Baby Changing Station (where we provide everything you’d need to change your baby except the labor – it’s waaaayyy closer than walking back to your car). We’ve also given out candy, individual sunscreen packs, bug repellent wipes and candy. Well this year things are different. Like we can’t set up on Thursday and Friday – only Saturday. What’s up with that? Even though it’s like the 20th year they’ve done it, things seem more corporate, stale and business-like this year instead of home town-ish.

In fact, I laughed this morning when I was at Cubbies and somebody from the Festival wanted to drop off flyers and Mark (the owner) told him not to, but if he wanted to leave them he could – they’d just get thrown away. Why? Because after being a vendor at the Festival for the past 9 years, one of the changes is no drink sales – everything has to go through Pepsi. So no Cubbies at the Festival this year (and no festival stuff at Cubbies)

We’re going anyhow. Thursday starting at 7:30 people will be near the park entrance handing out candy, cards and glow sticks to anyone passing through. Might do it Friday too – we’ll see on the response from an email I sent out since nobody signed up for Friday. Then Saturday, we have a spot, the Baby Changing Station and a few thousand sunscreen packs to hand out (hope it’s sunny!)

If you want to help out, you can just show up, but it would help if you’d shoot me an email and let us know you plan on being there. Just tell us when and how many are coming. If you’re not able to come, would you at least pray. It takes time for people to believe that we really care and we’re about at that point where people will start to recognize us as regulars instead of another flash-in-the-pan ministry. Who knows. God might use our kindness to move some people closer to Him.

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