Up To The Challenge

In less than a week Lora will be gone to Ohio for 9 days to be with her sister. She’ll be taking Hannah and Sarah, just the girls, and leaving the boys with me. This presents an interesting challenge. We’ll be starting a new series (which always means a little more prep work). I’ll be responsible for making sure the boys homeschooling work gets done. On top of that, Lora is supposed to be teaching a class for the homeschool co-op, but she’ll miss it the first two weeks. That means I get to teach a class full of 7-8 year olds “fun and wacky science experiments“! Somehow I’m still going to do staff meeting, sermon prep and ministry work. Nine days is a long time to be away from my wife (and daughters), but it should be fun with just the boys. Who knows, we may go camping in the 30 degree weather. I think I’ll be up to the challenge (and I’m convinced I’ll increase my appreciation for my wife’s abilities as a homeschooling mom of 5)

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