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Just need to vent and share some frustrations we’re having with our program that we print up each Sunday. We have a Ricoh printer that is supposed to be able to print both sides in one go. Great deal right? Wrong. See it only prints the parts it wants to. I can try to print the same document three different times and I get three different results. It’s like the printer just decides “Nope – not gonna print there.” So – if you can figure it out, I’ll either buy you a new printer or give you this piece a crap printer. Oh, and I love when the tech support you call and spend a good three days with comes up with this solution……”I’ve never seen that before….that’s just baffling…..if it were under warranty I’d send you a new one.” Wow, thanks. I feel better now.

Here’s what it looks like before printing.
and it’s what should be printed onto our pre-printed paper.
It’s also exactly how it looks when I print to plain white paper.

But here’s what prints out – notice Claude’s blog is missing

And if we turn the paper or try to rotate it
(just in case that works) this is what prints out.
Notice Randy’s blog is missing and the series
image is now just a faded yellow line. Impressive huh?


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