Too Much?

One of the things I really don’t like about today’s culture is the tendency to over-schedule, over-commit and overindulge. After the last few minutes, I think I’m part of the problem.

Nothing is ever really “easy” with five kids, and I’m not naive enough to think it’s going to just “get better,” but I really didn’t want it to be like this. My boys (10, 9, and 6) decided that they wanted to try baseball this year. That’s fine, and I have no problem with that. But I do have a couple of issues. First, three kids are now on three different teams in three different age-based leagues. Next, my oldest, having never really played before, is a little behind most of the other kids who 1. go to school with each other (we homeschool) and 2. have much more experience. Both of those are no big deal. I’m thinking though there’s a tendency to take the “game” a little too seriously. For instance, I personally think it’s kinda dumb to wear uniforms to practice (which means he looks out of place as well)

All that I could deal with though. What’s frustrating me is stuff like tonight. I get home in time to help my wife load everyone up to get to one ball field where Tanner is practicing and where she’s meeting a friend who’s picking up Chandler to take him to another ball field for practice at the same time (just two different places). What happens? Tension. Pressure. Hurt feelings. Snippy talk. Anger. Miscommunication.

That should not and will not characterize my family and the relationships within it. So what to do? We’re just in the first week. Haven’t even had a game yet. I’m home because I’ve got people coming over for a meeting so I can’t even help “divide and conquer.” I’m about ready at this point to tell the boys, “sorry, the battle of scheduling and getting you all where you need to go when you need to be there is one that has too much collateral damage and it’s not worth it. Sorry we made a mistake, but no baseball this year.

Would that solve the problem? For that matter, what is the real problem? Is it that participation is difficult? Is it that my attitude stinks? I don’t know. All I know is right now, it seems like my family is suffering (specifically my wife and myself) because we’re spread too thin.

Any suggestions?

What would you do?

What’s most important?


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