Too Fast

Ever feel like things are moving too fast? Like it was yesterday when your kid couldn’t even walk and now they’re beating you in a race? Or you thought 2008 was a ways a way and now it’s only 4 weeks out? I’m feeling like that right now.

Most of the time I love the tension that the speed of things brings….I like having to make decisions quick and figure stuff out on the fly, which is good when you do church in a portable space and have to set up each week. But for some reason, today it seems like things are going too fast. I made breakfast with my kids this morning and dang…they’re getting old. I’m working on church stuff for 2008 and dang….it’s only a month away. We’ve got another PARTnership class coming up and dang…it’s in 4 days.

I’m reminded of this verse and realize that I’m not in control. There, I feel better already.

Just wanted to share this too. Tadd is a church planter about 2.5 hours from here and somehow got hooked up with NBC nightly news and Tom Brokaw. Amazing story and free publicity for a 12 week old church. You can read about it HERE.

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