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It’s been too long since I wrote and wanted to make some comments on the Marriage Conference, church, Cabbage, the holidays, and other stuff.  Here’s my thoughts in bullet form:

  • Marriage Conference went great I thought.  Had about 40 who actually showed up for the whole thing and feedback and response has been great.  Shout out to Randi Kirkland, her parents, my wife and older kids for their help doing childcare.  All day Sat made for a long day
  • I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I really am enjoying the Cabbage series at church.  The set looks great, the shirts are a hit, and well, 1 John has never been so interesting.  Check out the message videos HERE  (wk 1   wk 2   wk 3) or a promo video or two HERE (there’s 20 or so, but I think there’s only 4 up)
  • The marriage conference (or at least the prep leading up to it) didn’t make a positive impact on my marriage.  But things are all better now.
  • There may be up to three new churches starting around Greenville in the next year that I know about.  I’m meeting with one potential guy tonight and a couple others after Thanksgiving.  That’s exciting.
  • I’m super excited about some of the stuff we have planned already for 2009.  Particularly stoked about Easter – yep, Easter.  That series is going to be amazing!
  • Excited about Christmas too – the new series kicks off Dec 7.  You should hear more about it this weekend
  • So proud of the heart of the people at Discovery.  The Daraja Children’s Choir is going to be in Greenville and some of our people decided to adopt them, house them and provide them with a real American Thanksgiving meal on Thanksgiving.  Sad I’m going to be out of town for this.  These kids were amazing when we saw them at Catalyst.  Go read about them HERE.  They’ll actually be giving a concert here in Greenville on Tues, Nov 25th at 8PM.  More details.
  • Been good to see some Outlets are starting to multiply to new locations and new ones will be starting soon – particularly excited for the new one that will give the college crowd a place to go.
  • My oldest boy turned twelve on Tuesday.  Wow.  When we get to FL next week, we’re going boar hunting.  It’s what he wanted to do.
  • I took down the crib that I made in the girls room.  That was kinda sad because I’m probably not going to be putting it back up until I’m a grandpa (although we could still adopt right Lora?)
  • I am so in love with the fact that my girls will not go to bed until Lora or I sing “Amazing Grace” with them.  I’ve got to get video of Hannah singing along….
  • The Boys and Girls Club wants us to see how much more we might be able to pay in rent.  I wonder if “nothing” is an option?  We’ll see
  • The kids (girls in particular) a slowly wearing us down….Hannah’s potty trained so apparently someone (mommy!) promised them we could get a dog then.  We’re shopping.
  • Excited to invite people to do Christmas a little different this year…you’ll have to wait.  Let’s just say it should have a global impact.
  • I’m glad football is over for the boys.  We went to turn in their equipment the other night and there was still one team practicing because they’re in the finals.  Thought to myself “that’s what you get for winning.”
  • Mentioned on my twitter that Chandler went to the orthodontist and we were told it’s gonna cost $10,000 to fix his teeth and mouth.  I told Chandler, “I hope you like Jell-O”  Funny thing was, Lora heard that and her response was “I love my husband.”  Why?  Because I set up an HSA and we can pay for it out of that!  Dang, I love me too!
  • Apparently, some people really like their cats.  I made a comment about the difference between cats and dogs in church and got a lot of feedback.  Funny stuff.  The next week I showed this video (“he’s a very loving cat” my butt).  Was talked out of showing this one (made this in FL years ago)
  • Been sick the last few days but feeling better today.  Hate when you feel sick – it takes twice as long to think and do stuff (at least for me) and I didn’t have the time to waste.
  • Guest speaker – Jonathan Combs – gonna be speaking the last week of Cabbage (Nov 30)
  • Dr. Frank Lodeserto is speaking Dec 14th during our Christmas series.
  • I love my wife.
  • I love my kids.
  • Can’t wait to head down to FL and see family, go boar hunting and just chill
  • I still think there’s a small, small chance that Notre Dame beats USC on Nov 29.  That would make my year.
  • If you’re wondering what to get me for Christmas – did I mention I’d love an iPhone?  (and if you really love me you’ll pay for the first 2 years right?)
  • My dad got a Mac,  and he’s already learned to iChat (and I can help him remotely without having to try and “talk” him through it)
  • Gonna decorate for Christmas tomorrow.  It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!!!
  • If you made it to the end of this, you have too much time on your hands (or you really love me – which means you’re going to buy me an iPhone right?)


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