Things I Just Don’t Understand

So this “look” has been around for a while and I’ve never understood it.  I remember having kids in my youth group that had to hold their pants up so they wouldn’t trip just to play some of the games. I just don’t get it.  First of all, I’ve tried wearing my pants this way – it’s just not that comfortable.  In fact it kinda feels like you’ve got some “leftovers” you forgot to wipe.  And how do you keep them up without constantly reaching down and holding on or having to pull them up?  Wouldn’t it just be easier to leave them up?  I mean, do you really think people want to see your rear end more clearly so you need to drop your drawers?  I’m sure part of it is cultural and since I’m not part of that culture, I’ll never get it, but still….somebody explain to me the thoughts and reasoning behind saggy pants.


  1. Claude F. Cannon May 1, 2009
  2. Dean and Mary April 24, 2009
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