Things I Just Don’t Understand (part 4)

I remember when I was in school (and considering college and post graduate work I’ve been in school a long time) whether you didn’t do your work and pass the tests you or you turned in every assignment, studied and passed exams, either way, you earned a grade.  Some got A’s and B’s and yes, some people actually earned an F.  In fact, I often told students who asked me to pray for their exams that they would get the grade they deserved instead of that they’d get an A.

So I don’t understand what goofball came up with the idea that schools shouldn’t give F’s and should institute a “no-fail” policy.  I was reminded of this when I saw this article today.  I’m guessing there’s a reason that the high school drop out rate is around 30% in the US and it’s not because students don’t get enough “do overs.”  I mean seriously – do people really think that not allowing students to fail prepares them for the real world?  Are you kidding me?  Whoever came up with that idea deserves their own “F.”  I just don’t understand the reasoning behind lowering the standards so the kids who don’t measure up can feel better about failing.  Somebody please explain this to me.


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