The Life Of My Wife

Anybody who thinks a stay-at-home-mom’s life is easy is just an idiot. There’s really no nice way to say that so I didn’t try. Seriously, my wife is the epitome of a Proverbs 31 woman. You know how the Army used to have a recruiting commercial saying “we get more done before 8AM than most people do all day” or something like that? Well I guess that makes my wife more effective than the US Army! In fact, if I didn’t need her here, I’m sure I could send her over to Iraq and Afghanistan and the issues would be solved in a matter of days. But alas, her family needs her more right now (selfish I know, but true)

Anyhow, while I’ve been working on transferring media files and getting ready to go all Mac, working on the next series and 2008 stuff, my wife has been doing the following (just this morning mind you).

First, she teaches school – yep, that’s the classroom.

Then she starts the laundry… which the kids can finish folding when they’re done with school.

After that, she heads to the kitchen and cooks a bunch of stuff – some for now, some for later (gotta be prepared right)

And then she’ll get to make sure the house is picked up before the kids nap, have quiet time and she…..passes out? NO! Before she starts another project I’m sure.

She tells me all the time that it would be easier to go to work than to stay home. I don’t argue. I don’t fuss. I just agree, fall on my knees and ask her why she chose me! So if your wife stays home with the kids, don’t be an idiot…don’t ask her “what she does all day?”…don’t make stupid comments. Thank her and shut up.

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