The Last 72 Hours

The last 72 hours have been a blur. The cool thing about it though is that I enjoyed nearly every minute of it.

I took my boys up to New York City to see my brother and his family and to catch a Vikings pre-season game against the Jets (which of course we won). While we were waiting to take a bus tour around Manhattan, the boys got to meet one of the locals.

This dude, besides having a funny hat, had a cart with a bucket (for donations) and a little amplifier on it hooked up to microphone. He’d ask your name and toss out a few lines about you…told my kids to “listen to their momma“.

It rained (stormed is more like it) right before the game so we didn’t bring a camera, but I’ll tell you what I did see. Adrian Peterson taking the ball on his first touch of the game for about 50 yards! Might be a good year.

The game was Friday night and so we got up and left on Saturday because I had to be back by 5:30 to teach our PARTnership class. What should have taken 8 hours took about 10 because of traffic backups. Still, with a little help from my lead foot, I pulled in to the meeting only 2 minutes late (or 2 hours and 2 minutes late – I guess it depends on how you look at it). I was so proud of the boys. They didn’t complain or anything. In fact, we never got out of the car again from about 11AM to 5:30. They thought peeing in an empty Gatorade bottle was cool anyway. And no, that doesn’t make me a bad parent…it makes me a resourceful one.

Got back, taught the class and after cleaning up and locking up, got home a little before 10. Showered and printed off some stuff for Sunday that wasn’t done yet and then went to bed. Couldn’t sleep though since I was finally going to be speaking again after a few weeks. So got up, prayed and went to where we have church. I didn’t like how I did at all, but had a number of comments on it so I guess it wasn’t that bad. After tearing down, the whole family went and had lunch with a family that’s checking out Discovery and we had a great time. Great family. I hope they stick around. Came home, took a short nap, headed back up with the youth and then played basketball (poorly) until about 10. Got some rest, got up at 6 and spent some time with God, met my accountability guys at 7 and caught up on all my emails and got some stuff ready for this weekend.

I think my favorite part of the weekend though was having so many people at Discovery decide that they wanted to publicly express their support for the Minnesota Vikings. Thanks guys.

Actually, this is one of our Outlets and they had a guy who went to Spain this summer and was planning on running with the bulls in Pomplona – but he couldn’t get a train ticket. So we decided to recreate the experience as best we could for him. Claude says that since he couldn’t outrun a bunch of middle aged men, it’s probably a good thing he didn’t get to run with the bulls.

That’s my last 72 hours….what’d you do?

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