The Frog Clog

Sure it’s not even 10AM yet, but this story is almost hard to believe. I left for a couple minutes to drive down to Claude and Sheila’s because she’s working on updating the database from Sunday and I had some information she needed to update. I’m there maybe two minutes and Lora calls. Figure she wants me to pick something up from them before I head back but no…something’s happened in the few minutes since I left.

We’ve got three bathrooms and usually soon after breakfast, each one of the boys goes to occupy one. Chandler was slow and headed upstairs but immediately yelled for mom because there was a frog in the toilet. Tyler went to inspect and confirmed the finding then attempted to chase it out. Didn’t work, the frog swam down into toilet (presumably where he came up from? – remember we’re on the second floor). Anyhow, Chandler was doing the “I gotta go” dance so Lora encouraged him to go. He didn’t want a frog jumping on his bottom so he refused and Lora told him to just flush it. When he flushed it, it clogged up (don’t know how big this frog was, but couldn’t have been a itty bitty tree frog if he’s cloggin up toilets). That’s when Lora called me.

Now the frog clog has been removed, still don’t know where the frog is, and all appears to be well…for the time being. Hey, if it’s not one thing, it’s another. Merry Christmas Kermit.


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