The Bigger Picture

There are times when I wonder if I’m doing a good job of communicating the big picture and other times when it seems pretty obvious that I am. It’s just something that I struggle with as the “guy in charge”. For instance, just yesterday, I asked all the people who were at church early to set up if they could please move their cars to the front parking lot instead of the side (better reflects our attendance to people who drive by or drive up). Well, rather than saving the “best” spots for guests, all the close spots ended up with cars parked there. It’s a little thing, but I gathered people’s keys and moved their cars further away (like 5 or 6 spaces) to give any guests preferential treatment and went back in wondering if they understood how important first-timers are.

Maybe some people did, because as guests started coming, I was able to sit back and watch as people at Discovery went into action. Not one person got by without being greeted. They all got nametags. First-timers got welcome packs and I didn’t see anybody left “alone”. Maybe they do get it.

Then again, it’s not just about one Sunday morning. It’s about the future. Where thousands of people are serving, living, growing and connecting at Discovery Church because hundreds are choosing to follow this radical named Jesus. Where you can’t drive through a neighborhood without being able to pass an AC Outlet. Where community needs are being met by people who really do care and aren’t just out trying to ‘earn’ a Christian merit badge. Where leaders are developed, lives are changed and marriages and families are strengthened. That’s a little bigger picture.

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