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I had a buddy of mine send me a link to this video because it illustrates a point.  The point is that each person should “carry his own load” or like I said on Sunday, shoulder their own responsibility.  The word for “load” in that verse is a word that was used to refer to a soldiers pack.  It was HIS load and HIS responsibility.  Well, this video illustrates how absolutely stupid someone looks when they try to make excuses for why they aren’t responsible for their actions.

I called my kids around to watch it with me, just so they could see how absolutely foolish excuse making is.  Of course, it’s easier to see when it’s not you whose making the excuses.  Which got me thinking that Judge Judy clips might just be a good parenting/educational tool.  I think I’ll write a series on parenting tips and tools after this.  In the mean time, marvel at the profound wit of this 16 year old as he blames the police and tries to explain that he should get credit for pushing the lady down in the grass (as opposed to the sidewalk I guess) – all because he was cold.

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