Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving

So on Tuesday we drove over to Brandon, ordered a dozen pizzas, and spent a few hours with a number of our good friends who support us both financially and prayerfully. Actually, there were over 70 people who came out. I didn’t get to talk to everyone near enough and some I barely got to speak with. Still it’s great to see faces and just get a hug. I’ll make it another year for sure. I just want to say thanks to everyone. It’s such an encouragement to see folks and hear from them how they keep up with us through this blog and pray for us everytime we send out a prayer update. (you can subscribe yourself at

Yesterday I got to meet with the pastor of a Christ Community Church in Winter Haven, FL that’s only 5 years old. He took a good bit of time to meet with me and Lora and then with me later in the afternoon again. We were interrupted by terrible news. A family that had visited the church there was in the middle of a crisis. The father tried to kill his wife in front of their ten year old daughter and then succeeded in killing himself. Even though they hadn’t even been to the church since May, they knew who to call and who would care. I hope Discovery Church has that kind of reputation in our community. We care for the hurting when they’re hurting. Anyhow, that pastor gave me some good encouragement and it was great to explore their brand new building. Check out the church at God’s really blessing them.

And now it’s Thanksgiving…and a Happy Thanksgiving it is. It’s about 75 right now with sunny skies and a light breeze. Don’t know what it’s like back home in NC, but I’m willing to bet the farm it ain’t this nice. Plus, I’m at my parents so I’m with family and we’ll be with Lora’s parents again in a few days. So, if you’re reading this on Thanksgiving Day, get off the computer and go spend time with your family like I’m about to do.

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