Long week is what it’s been. I really hate it when I get in funk like this. The good news is that people have been sending in pictures and a sentence or two describing/explaining why they’re at Discovery Church. I’m loving that.

Lora and I are going to be speaking as the “featured missionaries” at a summer camp in MN and so all the pictures and quotes are to make a scrapbook (yes, I actually used the word “scrapbook” on my blog). You see, we’re going to be the first non-foreign missionaries in this camp’s 100+ year history. So when they take up collections for us, we’re not using the money they collect to put in indoor plumbing or dig a well, roof a mud hut or buy medical supplies. We’ll use it to reach out and minister to American’s who have everything they want but very little of what they need – specifically Jesus. We figured pictures and stories from those real people might connect and help people at this camp think differently about what a missionary really is.

You don’t have to go over seas to be doing mission work. Heck, in most places in America you can pretty much just go over to the other side of the street. Countries where we sent missionaries are now sending missionaries here – to the US! People need Jesus and there’s plenty of people in Greenville, NC that need him. That’s why we’re here. And that’s what we’re going to share with people in MN.

If you want to see some of the people in Greenville that have met Jesus, make sure you come to services this Sunday – we’re baptizing over a dozen!

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