Terrorist Strikes Again

May 31, 2008

Winterville, NC

The turtle may have been released from the grip of it’s “terrorist” tormentor, but don’t think for a minute that the “terrorist” is resting.  No, the “terrorist” has redoubled her efforts and found a way to distract and draw attention away from more important things (like breakfast).  She’s a sneaky little one too.  She was able to complete this mission only a few feet away from her completely oblivious brothers and sisters (who were watching cartoons rather than their sister).  While nobody was looking she opened up a supply line of mascara and put it to good use before knocking out communication when she presented herself to a speechless high-level detachment (her parents).

Beware of this “terrorist” – we’re tracking her and believe she’ll be making her way west as the week wears on.


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