Teacher "Learned Lesson"?

Caught an article in the news about a teacher in Kentucky who mistakenly sent text messages to a state trooper trying to arrange to buy marijuana. (full story) It turned out to be a 34 year old middle school teacher named Ann Greenfield. The trooper thought it was a joke but once he confirmed it wasn’t he set her up and when she arrived at the designated meeting place, she got more than she bargained for and ended up arrested.

The part of this story that upsets me most though is the comment the trooper made. It’s bad enough that a middle school teacher is buying pot, but what’s worse is having one of the men ‘sworn to protect us’ make a comment like this. After her arrest the trooper said, “She learned her lesson. Program your dealers into your phone.” What?! Are you kidding me? So the lesson is to be a better law-breaker or at least don’t get caught? Wow, thanks for setting a high standard there trooper Meadows. I’ll be sure to program all my illegal activity contacts into my phone since that’s the most important lesson. Never mind the idea of not buying drugs – that lesson apparently isn’t one our teachers (or kids) need to learn.

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