Tanner’s Birthday

The Whole Family @ Green Springs & Tanner diving from the second level


Tanner’s Birthday was yesterday and we had a great time (so did he of course) He decided he wanted to go to Green Springs which is pretty much one of the coolest places around. It’s a huge playground over the water with diving boards, rope swings, high platforms, a zip line, and tons of stuff to climb. There’s five different levels that people can jump/dive off of and each is about 7-10 feet higher than the next so by the time you get to the fifth, you’re 50 feet up in the air. I’ve just got to brag on my little men because 9 year old Tyler jumped off the fifth 5 times and Tanner (on his eighth birthday) jumped from the fifth too. Daddy won’t even go to the fourth (I’d be too embarassed to climb back down the ladder because I was too scared to jump off)

His uncle Nate got him a new Notre Dame jersey so he’s ready for Notre Dame’s Championship Season to begin. I just look at Tanner and he’s growing up so quick. He’s so much better at controlling himself and over the past couple months we’ve noticed a real change in his attitude. It must be because he’s spending daily time reading his Bible and allowing the Lord to work in his life. When he got $10 as part of his birthday yesterday, he immediately said, “OK, so that means I give $1 to God…cool” Let’s just say I couldn’t have been prouder.


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