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Kicked off a new series called Back 2 Basics on Sunday. We’re going through the basic stuff like how we got the Bible, who God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are, about Heaven and Hell and what salvation is. Since we’re treating it like basic training, I figured we’d start out like every guy at basic starts out….with a buzz haircut. We were supposed to have a former military barber come, but he was a no show so the backup plan was Claude. When he was in Florida last week he got a flat top and Sunday he dressed in some BDU’s so he was the barber. Gave me my cut and then did Tanner too. Also had a couple of other guys from the crowd volunteer to come up and get clipped in the background while I was speaking. Gotta say it was fun and the rest of the series should be great.

I’ve been wearing a “toboggan” (knit cap) around though. When I shaved my head back in Florida I never woke up to 35 degrees. That’ll make your head cold.

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