Still Stuffed

So now that the pre-Christmas holiday of Thanksgiving is over, I’m ready for Christmas!

Probably noticed that I took the last few days off for Thanksgiving. My brother and his family were here and so were my parents. Had a great time with them all and really enjoyed eating…way too much and a little too often. Oh well, finished up the leftovers last night so no more turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes for a while.

Do want to mention a few things and people that I’m thankful for (even though it’s after Thanksgiving, it’s never too late to say thanks!)

  • Jesus – he loves me and encourages me when I feel like a failure (and have)
  • My wife – I definitely married up….again, thank you Jesus
  • My kids – how bored would I be if I didn’t have 5 great kids?
  • My family – when I look around at all the dysfunction, I realize how blessed I was to grow up with two parents, married to each other, and a brother to fight with over stupid things like who has to haul wood or mow the lawn this week
  • Discovery Church – I never knew planting a church could be this good
  • Claude and Sheila – don’t know if Lora and I would have survived the first year without them
  • Davey and Randy – I love the worship atmosphere they create each week
  • Todd Wallace and his family – this dude works until 4AM and still comes to church AND stays after with his family EVERY WEEK to help tear down.
  • KABC – this is the church I came from and they supported me leaving to start Discovery
  • bloglines – I’m constantly challenged by reading blogs about how other pastors are reaching their communities
  • Christmas – I look forward to this time more than any other
  • A million other little and big things (like more work to do)

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