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So last night, my daughter woke me up around 2AM because she was fussing/crying. So I get out of bed and go stand outside of her door to listen, but I don’t hear anything else. I figure it was just a bad dream or something and go back to bed. When she gets up this morning, I find out why she was fussing (for a whole 20 seconds) – she had thrown up on her sheets, pillow, blankets, PJ’s and bed. The good news is she was and is feeling just fine. The bad news (for me) is tha I had to clean it up. Not the way you want to start your day.

So on to better things. I try to take Wed as my day off and since we had someone give us a pool, I’ve been excited about getting this thing in the ground and set up so that I can build a deck around it and then have a place to relax. My dad came and helped on Wed and we got it pretty close to ready for water. Here’s a few pictures.

I’m not the quickest with a tractor and front end loader…in fact it “only” took me about 6 hours to level out a 24 foot circle. Then we had to hand set the footings for the pool before we could put up the walls.

That trench in the middle is the drain which I realized afterwards hooks up to the pump (so I put the drain about 8 feet too far to the right) Oh well, at least I can make the PVC reach and shouldn’t have a problem. Amateurs.

I did find out before hand though that you needed sand and needed to spread it out and level it before you put the liner on so I’m glad we didn’t need to throw the sand in from the outside. I’m sure I’ll know a lot more too if I ever have to do this again.

Then we hung and stretched the liner. This is the part that scares me. If there’s a hole or problem with this, well, let’s just say I won’t be a happy swimmer.

So that’s my day off, and how my morning started today. At least I know that things can only get better.

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