Spiritual Battles

While I’m excited (truly) about all that God did through different people and ministries around the country this Easter, (see here, here or here) I have to say that in the days leading up to it – I wasn’t feeling it.  I wanted to, but about the only thing I was feeling was pressure, frustration and your everyday spiritual attacks.  

I’m not writing this to whine, seek sympathy or anything other than just share the other side.  Our service was great, we had the most people we’ve ever had and there was a level of excitement.  Yet the time leading up to it was brutal for me.  In fact, I’m still feeling attacked.  I’ve been checking my motives, my attitude and my Bible to see what’s up and see if I can reclaim some of the ground I feel like I’ve lost.  I feel almost like I missed Easter.

All this to say there really is (still) a spiritual battle raging around us and whether I like it or not, I’m a target and so are you.  Celebrate the good times, share the Good News and expect some bad days.  And if you wouldn’t mind, would you say a prayer or two for me this week.

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  1. Jim Bird March 25, 2008

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