Special Day

I mentioned yesterday that it was Sarah’s birthday and she had a great time at her Princess birthday party. It also marked a milestone. Now that she’s 4 she gets to move into the weekly rotation for “special day“. Each week on Friday (sometimes Saturday) one kid gets some special time with just Lora or myself. It just so happened that today was going to start Lora’s turn, but since we added Sarah to the mix, I get one more special day and the first one with Sarah. We went to Krispy Kreme.

What makes the day special? One on one time with just one parent. That’s a highly valued commodity in a family with 5 kids, so even an hour to go eat breakfast ALONE is a win. Sometimes we have great talks, other times we just hang out, eat and have fun. The only thing we plan is the time – we take the rest as it comes and no matter what, each time it happens it really is a “special day.”

For some reason I can’t load pictures now so they’ll come later


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