Something To Get Excited About

Even though yesterday was cold and rainy, it was a good day.

  • The whole service was great: the music, the energy, the number of guests I saw. I was glad to be there and experience it with everyone
  • We kicked off Outlets (small group) sign ups and I saw a lot of new people who were signing up for groups. In fact, it looks like all 6 groups added some people and we’re starting 2 new ones that had people signing up there too. I love Outlets
  • We’re doing another baptism next week and so we shot the video testimonies after church for some of the people who are getting baptized. I love hearing stories and am excited that they’ll be at least 6 getting baptized.
  • Was great to see some new people at my Outlet (and some that will be there next week)
  • Got some news yesterday that wasn’t good news, but really made me realize that God is in control and He’s totally trustworthy. I’ll be able to share more but not for a while – still have to sort some things out.
  • Got an email from someone saying how they’re making some changes in part because of the last series we did (The Price Is Right) and so they’re looking to get rid of their brand new car (and car payments) and buy something they own. I love when Biblical principles make their way into practical applications!

It’s good to have things to get excited about, and even though I love sports and watched the NCAA games on yesterday and even got excited about those, nothing compares to getting excited about what God is doing. He’s done so much FOR us, when I surrender and stay out of the way He does so much IN me and for some strange reason I’ll never understand He chooses to work THROUGH me too. That’s something to get excited about.

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